My journey: From Family Traditions to Spicy Creations

My journey: From Family Traditions to Spicy Creations

My journey: From Family Traditions to Spicy Creations


Hey there, I'm Mizael—a guy with big dreams inspired by an even bigger family. My roots are grounded in stories of my dad, a Vietnam Veteran, and my mom, who hustled hard to care for her siblings. They showed me that we can conquer the world no matter where we come from.


Picture this: a table filled with great food and my dad's famous question, "Who wants hot sauce?" It's not just about the heat; it's about sharing stories, connecting after a long day, and feeling the love. Those moments fueled my determination to step beyond the ordinary.


Ever wondered why we spend so much time at work? I did, too. That's why I took my 6-to-6 job and turned it into a canvas for my talents. But a fire was burning in me, a desire to create something that would make my family proud.


And that's how Piketú was born—a blend of Puerto Rican swag and the sizzle of hot sauce. More than a product, It's a piece of our heritage. You can now find Piketú in places like Supermax, Hacienda Meat, Econo, and more. Even your favorite local restaurants are spicing things up with Piketú.


Our journey is just getting started. We're cooking up plans to expand, to crank up the heat, and to bring Piketú to even more spice enthusiasts.


Imagine this: a place where hot sauce flows like creativity, where BBQ sauce, spicy chips, and even fiery candies join the mix. That's the future we're cooking up.

Join me as we turn up the heat on traditions, one bottle of Piketú at a time. Together, we're not just making hot sauce; we're crafting stories, honoring family, and adding a dash of spice to life.



Founder of Piketú